Essay Development

The college essay, or personal statement, is a top factor in college admission decisions. In fact, when all else is equal between two applicants, a notable and remarkable essay can make the difference. In addition, a strong and well-written essay can also push an applicant who is bordering acceptance and rejection towards acceptance. 

This writing intensive package is exclusively dedicated to constructing application essays (Personal Statements) and short response writing portions of applications in a series of meetings. Together we will brainstorm potential narratives and produce a series of outlines and writing samples to ultimately decide on the most powerful topic route. Once the initial draft is completed, the essays will be conceptually, grammatically, and structurally edited until they are up to the highest standards. 

In addition to the main essay, many schools have school-specific writing prompts. These will also be tackled in our sessions and will follow the same procedure of brainstorming, creating, and editing.